Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gutsy - Not Happy Jan

I was looking forward to Gutsy, I mean, really looking forward to it. Compiz by default, bulletproof X, easy upgrade and the media hype, oh my goodness, almost as big as Vista.

So I jumped on to Update Manager, excited by this upgrade. Upgrade went fine - I know this, because when I used the live CD later, it did exactly the same thing.

I tried the final beta of gutsy. It worked fine, except for compiz. That was crap. I haven't bothered to get it okay on Feisty, I'm happy with the cube and wobbly windows, in fact they are productive. But no effects. I have an ATI 9550 with 256mb memory.

Gutsy final didn't work. It couldn't, wouldn't load GDM. Bulletproof my bumhole. Fine, I could hack it not working with compiz, but at least having a metacity working, but nothing? Tried Kubuntu, so it isn't Gnome, it is X.

That is unacceptable. I could go and search out to fix it, but I'm not. After such a big leap with Feisty, it isn't good enough. I hope this poor showing 1. Doesn't hurt the uptake of Ubuntu on desktops and 2. Augers well for Hardy Heron, in that it is an LTS release and they bought compiz on prior to hardy, in order to stablise it.


I did find a solution to at least get the live CD going. I don't know if it works, because I'm at work, but here is the link

My only other issue is whether I can run compiz fusion in any form on it. We will see and I will keep you posted. The guy who had the same issue was running a 9800, I'm running a 9550, so we will see how ATI responds, but it has been noted on Launchpad and Ubuntu are aware of it.

Still, lucky I'm not a new user trying it for the first time. Microsoft has given Linux a chance, with the steaming pile of faeces that is Vista. I'm hearing so many non-tech Windows users, who are very unhappy with Vista, but have no concept of anything else other than Windows and don't know about Linux, or even that Mac is different. I wouldn't want to recommend Ubuntu, only for *this* to happen.

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